Bed and Breakfast Sexfast (Part 1)

Helen had finally achieved her goal: to get out of the computer software business and buy a bed-and-breakfast. At age 32, she just wanted a quiet life in the country, with her three kids and two dogs. She renamed the inn "Body Comfort Inn" and with a lot of hard work, she had it ready for business only three months after she signed the closing papers.

A Better Life (t/M, spank, tawse, role reversal, domestic)

Junior could see the problem as soon as he turned onto his block as he walked home. The garbage cans were still by the curb and the lawn had not been mowed. It was almost six as he got home after band practice. Today was his dad's early day at work and he should have been home at two and been finished with these chores by four (by five allowing for the goofing off he usually did). This was the third time in five weeks he had failed. Sterner measures were apparently needed unless he was required to work overtime.

Anarchy in my cunt

I'm an anarchist personally...A real one too. I don't have any dreams of utopia or even friendly campfire songs after all the governments collapse. I think it'll be pretty crazy, real hectic, so I'm stocking up on stuff now.

I'm Amerasian, female, which means I was always welcome down in Oregon with the anarchists there. Just angry young men with spray paint though really, and I was pretty torn about leaving those guys. I liked living in the woods a lot. I shared a cabin with these three guys for awhile.

Amy Masturbates At Work

Back in the early 1980's I used to work in this factory that made snack foods. At this time all the office workers had their own offices (ah, the days before cubicles had been discovered). The accounting department, where I worked, was in an add-on wing at the back. Because of the sensitive nature of our work, the offices had an outer door that was always locked, then each of our offices had their own doors.

Lawyer i like to fuck

Marybeth is my best friend. We've known each other for years, and often go shopping together, or go see a movie, or in the summer time, go over to the lake and swim and sunbathe. She's also the first woman I ever made a pass at.

You see, I discovered that I was attracted to women a long time ago, but just kept it completely to myself. But Marybeth, who's the nicest person I know and who has a spectacular body and a pretty face, is the first woman who attracted me enough to drive me to such a thing.

Three Mismatched Socks

Shoes and socks

"I know what I said! I said I'd run around the block buck naked, in broad daylight, if you passed your certification on the first try. You did, you win, I run - happy now?" Jack quietly reaffirmed his intention to never, ever bet against his wife again.

"Oh c'mon sweetie, it won't be that bad." Sylvia was thoroughly enjoying her husband's discomfort. "Who's going to be 'up' at this time anyway?" She just hoped he'd never find out that she'd actually passed the certification test before the bet was made. "Tell you what. I'll even let you wear your running shoes. Socks too, I wouldn't want you to hurt your feet."

Lost Colonies:Planet of the Apes

"Planetfall, Captain!" Bill's voice came over the intercom, "And they're hailing us!"


I closed my terminal, bookmarking my place in the log and made my way to the command deck.

"Any sign of the CM?" I asked as I took my place in the command chair.

"There are hundreds of artificial objects orbiting the planet, Captain," Bill replied, "but none of them matches the mass or size of the CM very closely, and we're not getting a transponder blip."

"Have you answered their hail yet?" I knew what protocol said, but it was best to be sure.

"We waited for you, Ma'am!"